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Clutch Repair & Replacement

Hollywood Auto Center provides professional clutch repair and replacement services. After inspection of the clutch and the related components, we perform possible adjustments, repairs, and component replacements. Often times, the clutch cannot be corrected by external adjustments, repair/replacement of related components – at which point replacement is advised.

Clutch Lifespan

Clutch lifespan depends on overall use and several other factors. Two of the main factors are your driving style and the geographic landscape. Driving style affects use as releasing the clutch too slowly or quickly will determine the wear. Geographic landscape affects use due to the additional friction the clutch will endure when holding the clutch to avoid rollback.

When do I need a new clutch?

  • Trouble accelerating
  • Unusual noises
  • Spongy feeling
  • Sticking when pressed
  • Burnt odor

Walk-ins are always welcome, but may take longer depending on our capacity. For prompt service, please use our online appointment system to book an appointment or simply give us a call at 818-765-5830 and one of our friendly service managers will assist you.

Clutch Repair Los Angeles

Our Process:

  • Remove the transmission
  • Inspect the clutch & components
  • Repair/Replace related components
  • Reinstall the transmission
  • Fresh fluids
  • Ensure proper installation & adjustments
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